Six abstracts accepted for presentation at the 2023 ISMRM meeting in Toronto

February 08, 2023

Congratulations to the team for 100% success on ISMRM abstract submissions.

Special congratulations to Fahad who was invited to give a talk on Systematic assessment of published QSM inversion algorithms for detecting longitudinal changes in brain susceptibilityIlyes will present two posters, Conventional χ-separation compared to self-calibrated method (BIOPHYSICSS-DL) with histological validation and Myelin, Iron, and Free Water Content Quantification Through BIOPHYSICSS Deep Learning. Leo will present a poster on 3D Printed Alignment Apparatus for Retrofitted Rodent PET-MRI at 9.4 Tesla . Thomas will present two posters, Nonsusceptibility frequency shift reveals subtypes of multiple sclerosis lesions and predicts 5-year disappearance of paramagnetic rim  and Nonsusceptibility frequency contributions and brain size affect quantitative susceptibility mapping in a region-dependent manner .
Abstracts will be presented at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the ISMRM in Toronto, ON, Canada in June 2023.
Congrats to all authors!