Prospective students from diverse academic backgrounds are invited to apply. Please contact Prof. Schweser for more information.

Advancing the biological specificity of MRI

We use physics-based machine-learning techniques to turn MRI into a measurement instrument for biological tissue properties.

Biomedical imaging team-science

We provide expertise and resources in biomedical imaging for team-science activities at UB and beyond.

Clinical translation of MRI-based brain iron assessment in multiple sclerosis

We are dedicated to carrying out clinical studies and developing new technical solutions to bring advanced MRI-based brain iron assessment to the clinic.

High performance cluster computing in imaging research

We develop and operate workflow software packages that enable reproducible science in large scale imaging studies with high-performance computing requirements.

Investigation of the cellular and molecular substrate of brain iron changes

We investigate how multiple sclerosis affects the cellular and sub-cellular distribution patterns of brain iron and how these alterations can be assessed clinically with MRI.

In vivo magnetic tissue properties mapping

We utilize advanced computational methods to develop new imaging markers of brain tissue pathology based on electromagnetic tissue properties.

Simultaneous preclinical PET-MRI at ultra-high field

We develop a small, portable, modular PET imaging system to enable low-cost simultaneous PET-MRI in any preclinical MRI scanner.

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