Fast Susceptibility Weighted Imaging ( SWI ) using PROPELLER-EPI

Journal article

M. Krämer, A. Deistung, F. Schweser, J. Reichenbach

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Krämer, M., Deistung, A., Schweser, F., & Reichenbach, J. (2012). Fast Susceptibility Weighted Imaging ( SWI ) using PROPELLER-EPI.

Krämer, M., A. Deistung, F. Schweser, and J. Reichenbach. “Fast Susceptibility Weighted Imaging ( SWI ) Using PROPELLER-EPI” (2012).

Krämer, M., et al. Fast Susceptibility Weighted Imaging ( SWI ) Using PROPELLER-EPI. 2012.


Purpose Fast high resolution T2-weighted imaging using periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction – echo planar imaging (PROPELLER-EPI) requires phase correction during image reconstruction. As a result, only modified phase information is obtained which prevents applying processing techniques that rely on accurate phase measurements, such as susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) or quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM). In our current work, we propose a PROPELLER-EPI reconstruction technique for processing phase images on the blade level prior to applying the standard PROPELLER-EPI reconstruction. This modified reconstruction pipeline enables creation of susceptibility weighted images based on data acquired with a fast high-resolution PROPELLER-EPI sequence.