Working in the Lab

Graduate Students

Our lab is a dynamic research environment that encourages applications from students across all departments who have a strong motivation in computational medical imaging. While projects vary in computational intensity, a solid background in computation and proficiency in at least one programming language is ideal. Students with less computational experience but a strong willingness to learn are also welcome. We engage in clinical studies using advanced MRI methods to investigate disease mechanisms, which, while less computationally intensive, also involve processing and statistical analysis.

Graduate students interested in joining our lab must be officially admitted to one of UB's graduate programs before their application to our lab can be considered.

Prospective students from diverse academic backgrounds are invited to apply. Please contact Prof. Schweser for more information.

Undergraduate Students

Intrinsic motivation and a dedication to contribute significantly to research are the key qualities we seek in our undergraduate researchers. While computational experience in at least one programming language is an asset, it is not mandatory for students willing to learn. The most important factor is a strong desire to be actively involved in research and the willingness to go the extra mile.
Interested students should contact Prof. Ferdinand Schweser and provide:
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Statement of interest (what are you interested in doing?)
  • Resume

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